Candidate Registration & Enrollment Process on Skill India Digital Portal (SID)

Candidate Registration & Enrollment Process on Skill India Digital Portal (SID)

Visit the link:

  1. Click on Register in case of a New User.
    1. Login (If already registered)


2.     Enter the OTP triggered on the Mobile number that you have used during registration.


3. Set Account Password/PIN. (This PIN will be used to access the portal).

4.     Enter your Aadhaar Card details for e-KYC.

Note: Mark the check box before submitting the details.


5.     OTP will be triggered to the Aadhaar linked Mobile number. Enter the OTP sent to the Mobile Number.

You will be directed to Home Dashboard from where candidates can apply for Schemes/Skill Courses.

6.     Click on My Dashboard available under the (Name tab on the right side of the dashboard) to check for all Skill Courses available on the portal.


7.     Click on PMKVY 4.0 to view all the schemes under PMKVY 4.0.


Note: You can search from the search box for the Scheme & Sector you want to apply.


8.     Click on Apply in the Interested Scheme as per requirements.


Note: All the details of the Particular Scheme & Particular Job Role under the scheme will be visible for which you can apply.


9.  Click on Apply Button

Note: Information about the Batches under the Particular Job Role will be reflected with the Batch ID, Location, & Training Centre details. 

10.  Candidates can select a maximum up to 5 batches for which He or She wants to show interest.


11.  Click on Show Interest after selecting the Batches.

12.     Need to fill in all the necessary personal details for completion of profile. Image is attached for reference for all required information.


Note: Details like Name, Date of Birth, Religion, Mobile Number are not Editable. 






Once all the details are filled save & update the details.

13.  We need to fill in all the required details to show interest in the batch. The form will open once we click on the Show Interest button. After filling all the mandatory fields, you can submit the form.


14.  Congrats you have shown interest in the selected batches and the request will be triggered to the concerned Training Centre SPOC. You can view details of your interest under My Dashboard >> Applications. 


15.  After submitting the Interest, it will reflect under My Dashboard >> Application >> Pending as represented in the image.

      16. Request will reflect under TC Dashboard under View & Manage Candidates >> Pending >> View All Interest.

 17. TC will approve the request one by one. Once the request is approved it will be visible under Approved section. 

18.  TC needs to approve the request from his dashboard.

19. After which it will reflect under the candidate login My Dashboard >> Applications >> Approved section of Candidate‚Äôs login.



20.  Once the candidate Accept the invite request will be moved to Accepted Tab available on My Dashboard >> Applications >> Accepted section.

Note: Once the application is moved to Accepted tab the TC need to Enroll the particular candidate into the batch from his dashboard as per the previously used process


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